Hello my new friends

Hi. I'm Andie.

I am a proud mother of one, married since March 2017, obsessed with cruelty-free makeup, cats, and pet parent of 3 fabulous dogs (plus one cat!) who is currently living in Union, MO.  

Oh, and I love coffee. Like, a lot.

​I'm an independent lifestyle photographer who is in love with a couple of Nikons. Taking photos is what my heart and soul bleeds to do, which is to capture all of life's moments. There are many out there who love taking snapshots, but it takes a certain skill and edge to truly stop time and help people celebrate moments that matter to them most. 

I have been exposed to photography for as long as I could remember. Even the simplest of happenings has always been worth preserving. Working my way through point and shoot cameras, I came to realize that they would never give me what I wanted. It was time to get serious. After pouring countless hours into courses, seminars, books, tutorials and second-shooting, I knew what I was meant to do. 

​Living in the moment, and being able to capture it is my life's work. Anyone who has met or shot with me knows how excited I get. The passion to create just never sleeps. I truly enjoy myself when I can combine ideas and produce memories that make people happy. If you have an idea, I want to explore it together. 

I enjoy being your full-service photographer. I will guide you through the steps of preparing for your session, having fun while shooting together and help you decide what photo product is right for you. Whether you're a super archiver and want albums all over the place, or a tech efficient photo collector who loves their digital copies, I have ways to deliver what you're looking for.  How many memories do we keep on our phones? Wouldn't it be nice to show them off and see them in your living room in full resolution?

​Give me the chance to make some magic with you :D 

Cheers, Andie

photo by Sarai Minard Photography